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We provide you with the best bioprocessing equipment that you will need for the production of biomolecules. From stock bioreactors, single-use equipment, and spare parts to custom-built products.


How we do it

If you are having trouble choosing the right equipment, we would like to help you. In four easy steps, you will be able to get the right product with prices included. Quick and efficient.

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Bioreactors – from laboratory to industrial scale

If you are only starting a bioprocess in your lab, scaling up to a pilot plant or an industrial level, we got you covered. With the best quality manufactures we will provide you with a bioreactor tailored to your needs.

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Scale up

Only top-quality. Uncompromisingly.

When choosing equipment, quality comes first. It is part of our core culture. All the equipment is manufactured under ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. Our software is also compliant with all industry standards and ready to use in a GMP environment.

Single use

Getting started with single-use equipment?

Single-use bioreactors and necessary components, such as tubing, connectors, luers, and syringes, are hot topics in the biotech and pharma industry because of their simple use. We provide you not only with those components but also with preassembled kits for bioreactors and filtration systems.

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What about spare parts and support?

Because we are offering wholesome solutions we are the provider of all spare parts and offer 24-hour support. All key equipment components are frequently in stock and available to ship with DHL Express on the same day.

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Spare parts

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Very quick response rate.Very quick response rate.

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