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5 Reasons why the F0-BABY Bioreactor is the best choice

The F0 Baby Bioreactor can be used in different combinations of modules, all controlled with the ROSITA Bioprocessing Software.

On your way to becoming the world’s foremost producer of antibiotics, you will need to gather the best equipment. You will also have to perfect your culture and culturing process, which can be a long journey, full of errors and you cannot afford them with big and expensive equipment! That is why you need something smaller. Something simpler. Something for every counter. You need the best laboratory scale bioreactor.

And the F0-BABY bioreactor is just that – convenient and yet professional. Still not convinced? Maybe this list will change your mind:

  1. Small

The F0 bioreactor has a tidy and neat design. It takes up minimal space and is therefore ideal for the lab bench, without obstructing other laboratory equipment.

  1. Easy to use

Not only does the F0 bioreactor have a slick look it also comes with a series of accessories for easier use and handling. You just have to pick the ones that you need the most.

  1. Adaptable

The whole F0 system is adaptable to your specific needs and the needs of your cells. The vessels are interchangeable, you can easily adjust the speed of the motor and you can even change the turbines. Everything to suit your wishes.

  1. Expandable

As mentioned before, the F0 bioreactor is made for adaptability. It’s structure is suitable for modular functioning and upgrades. Need to air-out your cell culture? Add a gas module. Does batch bore you? Add the perfusion module. Need more pumping power? Add another peristaltic pump.

  1. ROSITA Controlled

The whole hardware setup of the F0 system is controlled and monitored by ROSITA. Who is ROSITA? ROSITA is your best friend when it comes to R&D. It helps you with the automation of your processes, control and visualization. And if that isn’t enough, ROSITA will also help you optimise your process. ROSITA is analytical and smart. Now who doesn’t want a partner like that?

Rosita software for bioprocesses. manage every part of the bioprocess from one screen.
ROSITA plays a major part in the practicality of the F0 Baby system. Control and optimize your bioprocess at every step.

We hope these 5 reasons were enough to get you interested. If you want to learn more about the F0-BABY Bioreactor, check it out on our website and in this brochure.

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