Spare parts

In this section, you will be able to find spare parts for bioreactors. We offer a broad range of different spare parts from bbi-biotech which also fit bioreactors from Sartorius.

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Spare parts BBI

Sampling systems

For taking samples bbi-biotech supplies automatic sampling systems and fully automated samplers for all applications within biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, and chemical industry. Autosamplers are ideal for getting rid of manual work when taking samples of your bioreactor broth.

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Filtration systems

Tangential flow filtration (TFF) or crossflow filtration is a widespread technology for separation, clarification, and concentration processes. Filtration systems are an integral part of downstream processes and therefore have to be of good quality. Scales of TFF systems differ just like bioreactor scales and depend mostly on the type of bioprocess you are running. Bionet helps you with your filtration needs; whether it’s a benchtop solution or an industrial skid.

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