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Delivery of a TFF that complies is not straightforward. Each broth, cell, or protein can filtrate differently and needs a customised approach in terms of the type of membrane, pump technology, hydraulic design, sterilisation/cleaning needs, and more.

Our work process includes the following best-quality services:

  • technology selection,
  • process development at the manufacturer’s pilot plant,
  • design and construction of industrial units,
  • start-up,
  • qualification,
  • training, and
  • maintenance.

When it comes to designing a tailor-made solution for your process, the main focus is the results you want and the costs you can afford. Only together can we develop an optimal solution for your project.

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To ensure the optimal process, the TFF system relies on auxiliary systems that have to be integrated for a successful qualification and operation (e.g. filtration tanks or CIPs).

Our filtration systems can be fully automated. Automation is an integral part of QbD (quality by design) and it has to be developed in parallel with the process, mechanical, and electrical design for a finished system that delivers and can be qualified.

All bioprocess skids can be made fully GMP-GAMP5 compliant, including DQ (design qualification), IQ (installation qualification), OQ (operational qualification) preparation and execution.


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