Why the M1 is the best choice for testing your bioprocess

If you are looking for a compact system for filtering a lab-scale bioreactor broth or simply to evaluate if TFF is for you, the M1 TFF system is the perfect unit for you.

Testing the process performance at an early stage is essential and the M1 could be the most suitable technology for your downstream. It’s perfect for mAb, enzyme, vaccine, and other molecules.

Ideal for optimisation and R&D

M1 can easily help you to study the effect of all parameters, relevant to your process in the R&D and optimisation stages. At these stages, the experiments are usually:

  • choosing the optimum membrane material and pore size,
  • calculating the achievable concentration factor,
  • choosing the optimal temperatures to work at, and
  • generating transmembrane pressure (TMP) and filtrate flux curves at different feed circulation flow rates in order to define the most optional operating conditions.

Afterwards, it allows for tight control of all operative parameters in early production stages.

The membrane flexibility

The M1 provides compatibility with a wide range of membrane technologies by different manufacturers:

  • Ceramic and hollow fibre membranes (by GE Healthcare, TAMI, SPECTRUM Labs, etc) can be integrated into the same equipment interchangeably.
  • They come in a number of configurations:
    • 21 different pore sizes in the microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and spaces (from 1.4 µm in the microfiltration space to less than 1kDa in the ultrafiltration space).
    • A different number of channels (in ceramic) and with it, different membrane surface area available.

Your product is in good hands

The M1 tangential flow filtration system is precise and delicate but robust at the same time. These attributes contribute to the best results by implementing different mechanisms and components:

  • An excellent pumping technology capable of a big range of flow rates and transmembrane pressures.
  • A jacketed stainless steel tank that allows superb temperature control and ensures product stability by working at low temperatures.
  • An optimal process design generating a minimal amount of dead volume and achieves very high CF (concentration factor).

Automation is key

The M1 system can be operated either manually or it can take of itself, becoming automatic by the use of powerful tools for tight control over your preset operative parameter values. On top of that, it will calculate, register, and manage the data you input.

  • Crossflow rate or recirculation rate or retentate flow can be monitored and controlled with the addition of a flowmeter (optional) with a control loop with the pump driver.
  • Permeate flux (in L/h) can be monitored with a connected scale (optional).
  • Product temperature. With a TT on the vessel.
  • The pressure is measured at 2 points as standard (feed and permeate) and one optional (permeate) allowing for the calculation of transmembrane pressure and other critical process parameters.


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