The amphibious M2

The M2 system is optimal for the development and scale-up of pilot-scale processes and their integration in industrial-scale production. Scale your downstream processes easily and efficiently.

The M2 allows a deep study of the TFF potential and the feasibility of industrial scaling for your bioprocess, in terms of:

  • the selection of most appropriate membrane technology and pore size,
  • operational conditions, yields and flows, and
  • validation of product quality.

For reaching the production scale, it’s built off first-class components and accessories, allowing the M2 models to be used for different production batches, for a variety of applications and regulatory environments.

The M2 can be built and qualified under GMP guidelines for production in regulated industries, including GAMP5-compliant automation.

What membrane should you choose?

The M2 provides compatibility with a broad range of membrane technologies, made by different manufacturers:

  • Two possible configurations for MF (microfiltration) & UF (ultrafiltration) and for NF (nanofiltration) & RO (reverse osmosis).
  • MF & UF: two types of membranes, ceramic and hollow fibre can be integrated into the same equipment interchangeably.
  • The membranes come in a number of configurations:
    • 21 different pore sizes in the microfiltration, ultrafiltration and nanofiltration spaces (from 1.4 µm in the microfiltration space to less than 1kDa in the ultrafiltration space).
    • A different number of channels (in ceramic) and with it, different membrane surface area available.

What your process needs

The M2 tangential flow filtration system is precise and delicate but at the same time, robust. These attributes contribute to the best results by implementing different mechanisms and components:

  • An excellent pumping technology capable of a big range of flow rates and transmembrane pressures.
  • A jacketed stainless steel tank that allows superb temperature control and ensures product stability by working at low temperatures.
  • An optimal process design generating a minimal amount of dead volume and achieves very high CF (concentration factor).

Automation is key

The M2 system can be operated either manually or it can take of itself, becoming automatic by using powerful tools for tight control over your preset operative parameter values. On top of that, it will calculate, register, and manage the data you input.


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