These sampling systems connect all offline-analytical instruments to every bioreactor type, be it vessels from stainless steel, glass, or single-use, all can be equipped directly or in a bypass.

The samples are piped through a sterile hose to the analytical instrument. All hose materials and the plastic or steel probes are produced in a cleanroom and pre-sterilised.

All sampling systems and autosamplers in our offer are manufactured by bbi-biotech.

Sampling system bioPROBE

The bioPROBE is a dead-volume-free sampling system, fully-automated and perfect for taking various samples of your bioreactor broth. It’s available in four different variants: bioPROBE Single, bioPROBE Quad, bioPROBE Integrated and bioPROBE Customized.

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Autosamplers SAM

The SAM series autosamplers are an important component for a complete process analytical technology solution. They are directly controlled via the bioPROBE system and can adapt to most situations in a modern biotech lab. They take completely sterile samples and keep them sterile during storage, awaiting further use.

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