In this section, you will find spare parts for bioreactors. Whether it’s a part that broke or you just want to upgrade an existing part, you will most likely find the replacement part in our arsenal.

The spare parts are manufactured by and fit systems from bbi-biotech best, but can also fit bioreactors from Sartorius. All of the products can be found in our catalogue.


Our portfolio includes items for:

Inoculation, addition, and harvesting

If you are looking for reservoir bottles, headpieces with hose nozzles, seals, or screw caps, this is the right category. You will be able to find everything used for successful inoculation and addition of different media to the broth: membranes for inoculation, membrane holders, addition ports, and sacova valves. This is also the place to find the right parts to extract the media from the bioreactor – dip tubes.

Inoculation addition harvesting
Sampling probes sensors

Sampling, probes, and sensors

In this category, you will find manual samplers, membranes, and seals for samplers. It includes antifoam/level probes and adapters and casings for those probes.

Exhaust and aeration

This category is all about gases. Either the exhaust gas, for which you will be able to find exhaust coolers and adapters, or gas that goes into the bioreactor, most of it added through spargers. You can also find ring spargers and micro spargers here.

Exhaust aeration
Stirring mixing  

Coupling and fastening elements

Here you will find everything to fasten the whole vessel together: from screw-down nuts and blind plugs to adapters, probe adapters, and flat seals. For a sterile connection and separation of tubes in the middle of the bioprocess, we also offer STT quick connect couplings.

Stirring and mixing

For perfect stirring and mixing, we offer stirrer shafts and other spare parts for stirring and mixing, such as motor adapters and baffle cages.

Stirring mixing
Culture vessels

Culture vessels

Besides spare parts, we also offer fully equipped culture vessels. If you are only looking for single- or double-walled glass vessels, headplates or stands for glass vessels, this is the right category as well.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, we might be able to get or even make the part you need. Just send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill out the form below.

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