The CelCradle adherent cell culture lab-scale bioreactor is capable of high-density cell culturing for virus and mAb production and protein expression. It is based on the concept of below-induced interchanging flow of media and air through porous matrices to which the cells are anchored. This provides a high-aeration, foam-free, and low-shear culture environment.

To start the process, the CelCradle bottle is partially filled with media and inoculated with cells. The level of media is raised and lowered alternately in order to create a dynamic interface between the media and the cell surface. This way we expose and submerge the adherent cells in order to maximise gas exchange and nutrient uptake.

CelCradle is the only single-use packed bed bioreactor that has linear scalability from bench-scale to production-scale with automated cell harvesting. CelCradle’s bigger brother is TideXcell, intended for bigger productions scale.

Main features

  • Fully stainless steel – SS304L
  • Pre-sterilised, ready-to-use, disposable
  • Low shear stress, foam-free, no O₂ limitation
  • Large surface area: one CelCradle bottle has a specific surface area of 15,000 cm², comparable to 20–30 roller bottles.
  • Compact design: fits in 190 cm CO₂ incubator
  • Controlled by Esco Sentinel Gold microprocessor
  • Capacity to produce hundreds of milligrams to several grams of secreted proteins or monoclonal antibodies per month in four bottles
  • Few parameters for easy optimisation
  • Choice of batch, fed-batch, or perfusion culture modes
  • Scalability by directly multiplying the number of bottles used
  • Compatible with most serum-free media
  • Specially treated microcarrier surface to grow most anchorage-dependent cells and allow easy harvest of whole cells, cell components, or secreted proteins

Possible applications of the CelCradle

  • Mammalian and insect adherent cell culture
  • Protein and virus production
  • Monoclonal antibody production
  • Proteome research
  • Drug discovery
  • Pharmacokinetics study
  • Gene and cell therapy


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