Why choose TideXcell?

The TideXcell high-density adherent cell culture bioreactor system is the scaled up version of the lab-scale CelCradle bioreactor system. The principle is the same – the cells are attached to small carriers, called BioNOC II, and packed in the matrix vessel. The vessels then function similar to an artificial lung, providing a huge contact surface for nutrition and aeration.

The TideXcell is the world’s largest linearly scalable single-use bioreactor, from seed preparation to 5000 litres of working volume and with its own closed automated cell harvesting. It represents the pilot- and/or production-scale bioreactors in the Tide Motion Bioreactor line.

One of the main advantages of Esco’s VacciXcell’s Tide Motion Bioreactor system is the fact that the bioprocess method from seed preparation to production scale remains the same. This is extremely important as certain adherent cell lines don’t grow well when seed preparation is done in 2D (e.g. flask bottoms) and then cultured in 3D.

The TideXcell is also the lowest-cost and highest-yield packed-bed bioreactor and the only packed-bed bioreactor that can be placed inside a cGMP isolator, enabling placement in a Grade C and D cleanroom environment. This makes it an ideal system for the production of wild-type viruses, also reducing the costs of cleanrooms by decreasing the requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE), utilities, viability monitoring, and eliminating growing airlocks, which are needed in larger Grade A and B cleanrooms.

Main features

  • Can be single-use or multi-use
  • Adherent cell scale-up for up to 5,000 L packed-bed volume (bio-equivalency of 50,000 L in suspension)​
  • A 100% media exchange system ideal for continuous bioprocessing
  • Separation of the matrix and mixing vessel permits dual temperature control process (e.g. to produce higher virus titers)
  • Built-in weighing platform and inhouse mixer
  • PLC-based monitoring system with simple, intuitive touch screen runs on Wonderware SCADA
  • Can be connected to SCADA systems with DeltaV or Pcs7 controls
  • Dual redundant systems for critical components such as PLC and pumps are catered
  • Provides an ultra scale-down process and reduces costs by saving on media, labour, space, utilities, and most importantly, eliminates cross-contamination
  • Isolator capability
  • cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) references
  • PAT(process analytical technology)/IPQC (in-process quality control)

TideXcell models


  • Consists of 1 L, 2 L, or 5 L matrix vessel


  • Consists of 10 L matrix vessel


  • Consists of 20 L matrix vessel


  • Consists of 100 L matrix vessel


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