Lab scale bioreactor

The first steps in research and process development include finding the right gear. A bioreactor system that does a perfect job for your particular cell culture, but at the same time doesn’t take up too much space on the bench. It has to be easy to control and automated with a design that’s flexible enough for changes in the process itself.

We offer a few different types of lab-scale benchtop bioreactors/fermenters. Feel free to find what you like in the categories below. 

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Bioreactors from Bionet

Bionet is a bioprocessing expert and manufacturer of bioprocessing equipment from Spain. Their products range from benchtop-scale to industrial skids, all controlled by their in-house developed software. The bioreactor systems are practically designed and can be optimised to follow specific standards and guidelines you need for your process.

F0-BABY model

Bionet F0-BABY model presents an optimal entry-level autoclavable lab-scale bioreactor for microbial and cell culturing bioprocessing activities in the pharmaceutical, food, and agricultural industry, among others. This model provides a cost-effective and user-friendly alternative to the bigger and more complex equipment. This is why it is an ideal solution for training and education purposes as well as research and development activities.

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F1 model

Bionet F1 model includes an autoclavable lab-scale bioreactor designed to meet the challenging and widely diverse research and development requirements. It is widely used in small-scale biomolecule production using microbial and animal cells for biopharmaceutical, food, agricultural, and other biotechnological applications. It is an upgrade of the basic Bionet F0 model.

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