If you are looking for an optimal entry-level bioreactor/fermentor, for microbial and cell culturing, F0-BABY model is the right choice. The system is cost-effective and user-friendly, perfect for training and educational purposes, as well as for research and development activities. Such bioreactors are used in the pharma, food, and agricultural sector for producing novel bioproducts.

This model is available with a glass vessel in the following volumes:

  • 0.5 L, single wall vessel,
  • 1 L, single wall vessel,
  • 3 L, single wall vessel, and
  • 5 L, single wall vessel.

Because of the neat design and small footprint on the bench, it is ideal for smaller laboratories. To maximise the space efficiency we can plug up to three bioreactor units to one computer.

Based on a process you would like to run in the laboratory (batch, fed-batch, continuous, or perfusion), you can make use of F0-BABY model’s modular design. With the basic model, we are offering you three possible hardware extensions as well as software extensions with ROSITA software. All of the hardware modules follow the plug-and-play concept.

If you are interested in consulting our experts on getting an F0-BABY bioreactor for your lab, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Advanced gas module

This module allows automatic mixing of up to four gases (O2, N2, CO2, air) and their inlet through overlay and sparger. This means that we can regulate pH (acidification) of the broth with acid or carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2) as an actuator in the dissolved oxygen (DO) cascade.

The continuous process module

This module allows the extraction and addition of fresh media for the continuous process. It can also be used for extraction, the addition of media, and separation of biomass in the perfusion process. The pump in the module has reversible direction and operating speed from 4 to 200 rpm.

The variable speed pump

This pump is perfect for nutrient addition in the fed-batch process based on the growth of the cells and growth profiles. The pump can also be used in the cascade control mode of dissolved oxygen (DO). The pump has reversible direction and variable speeds; 4, 30, or 100 rpm.

Add extras or keep it default

The bioreactor unit can be paired with a wide range of spare electronics/sensors. Because of the software flexibility, we can integrate a variety of in-situ process analytical technologies:

  • optical density sensors,
  • gas analysers, and
  • glucose sensors.

These sensors and their measurements can be integrated into advanced control strategies.

Spare parts and accessories

We are offering a wide range of add-ons, which allow the flexibility of the operation and easier handling of the bioreactor. Whether you are looking for an upgrade or need to fix a broken part of your system, we will help you out. From height-adjustable dip tubes, easy-to-clean additions nozzle, robust and interchangeable vessel supports and we can always supply you with the extra parts you will need.

Controlled by ROSITA

The F0 is designed to share the same space and the same automation software with other F0 units, increasing your lab capacity. ROSITA is Bionet’s automation software for laboratory use. The software allows for a sophisticated and tight automatic control over the processes and provides the user with ways to visualise, analyse, and manage the data.


If you are interested in getting an F0-BABY bioreactor for your lab, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill out the form below.

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