If you are looking for a robust benchtop bioreactor/fermentor, for everyday use in a research and development lab, xCUBIO is the right choice for you. It integrates the highest diversity of available sensors, control, analysis, and peripheral technologies. This model will cover applications from basic microbiology to high-end mammalian cell culture.

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Every xCUBIO model is available with a glass vessel in the following volumes:

  • 1 L, single or double-wall vessel,
  • 3 L, single or double-wall vessel,
  • 5 L, single or double-wall vessel, and
  • 10 L, single or double-wall vessel.

Customisable modular design

This model is based on a modular design. Based on the processes you are planning to run in the laboratory, you can choose from:

  • free pump selection,
  • free balance connections,
  • integrated exhaust analysis,
  • integrated gas mix units,
  • integration of arbitrary external analytics,
  • integration into SCADA-systems,
  • cultivation vessels of every type and scale, also refurbished, and
  • integrated automatic sampling system bioPROBE for the atline-integration of further analytical devices – the real PAT!

This model also comes in varieties of basic models, from single and twin to multi version, where through one control unit, you will be able to plug in up to 12 bioreactors. This model also expands from laboratory to the pilot and industrial scale.


xCUBIO single

xCUBIO single

xCUBIO single bioreactor

This model is the most compact bioreactor/fermentor, which offers multiple options for extension. It will provide all the basics for successful process developments and well-controlled productions of small batches in research and development. Your new cultivation system provides space and interfaces for prospective modifications or upgrades, while the simple handling of xCUBIO single allows the highest-level work.

Further technical details of the xCUBIO single model:

  • Up to 10 peristaltic pumps with free purpose allocation.
  • Up to 12 mass flow controllers for manifold gassing solutions.
  • Unlimited sensor and controller selection.
  • xCUBIO automation with 10″ touchscreen.

Expandable design

The model allows expansion with other vessels and technologies used in everyday laboratory work:

  • Single-wall vessels, autoclavable steel vessels, single-use vessels.
  • Integrated automatic, aseptic sampling system bioPROBE.
  • Integrated exhaust analyser O₂, CO₂ including online calculation of gas consumption rates (RQ).
  • Additional available sensor technology, such as turbidity inline and in bypass, vessel overflow protection and level control, conductivity and redox potential, and balances for cultivation vessels and/or media vessels.

xCUBIO twin

xCUBIO twin

xCUBIO twin bioreactor

If you are looking for two or more bioreactor/fermenter vessels, on which you would like to run a parallel operation with just one single automation, this model is the right choice. Experiments can be done in steps while both vessels are perfectly split for aseptic conditions. It is not necessary to run both processes on the vessels with the same volume. The bioprocess on twin configuration can be done with two different approaches also.

Further technical details of the xCUBIO twin model:

  • Parallel cultivation or separate operation with two vessels.
  • Scale-in-one-option: fully automated scaling process in just one device.
  • CIP/SIP-system xCUBIO twin in-situ available.
  • Optional upgrades to in-situ, airlift, or steel version.
  • Up to 5 pumps per vessel.
  • Up to 6 mass flow controllers per vessel.

xCUBIO multi

xCUBIO multi

If you are looking for multiple laboratory scale bioreactors/fermenters and would like to save space and money, xCUBIO multi is the right choice. This model controls up to twelve bioreactors/fermenters at the same time. Operations are controlled from a central tower with a 19 inch touchscreen. Controllers, media pumps, and amplifiers of this model are installed in the separate twin supply towers, between the bioreactor vessels.

xCUBIO multi bioreactor

Further technical details of the xCUBIO multi model:

  • Up to 12 cultivation vessels with just one terminal.
  • Up to 5 peristaltic pumps with free purpose allocation per vessel.
  • Up to 6 mass flow controllers per vessel for multiple gassing opportunities.

The xCUBIO multi can control up to six twin supply towers with two connected vessels each. Each supply tower can be flexibly equipped for different applications. This is how up to twelve cultivation vessels can be operated in parallel for cells of every kind. The system allows basic microbial application as well as customised perfusion systems for continuous cell cultivation.


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