The F2 models are a great choice for those who are ready to take their R&D to the next level. It’s the entry-level bioreactor in the pilot-scale world, with SIP system (sterilise-in-place) and automation already included.

The volume of models starts at 10 and goes up to 30 litres.

The software MARTA, which operates them, runs on programming based on the SIEMENS SCADA System SIMATIC WinCC environment. The basic model of MARTA has off-the-shelf solutions for cell culture and fermentation and can be expanded with additional modules for new instrumentation for local CIP or advanced gassing or dosing control.

The professional design and construction make the F2 model a user-friendly experience that can easily be integrated into your facilities. On top of that, the whole system can be made according to GMP guidelines and other standards.

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Process knowledge and control

The F2 can be equipped with a complete range of instrumentation and actuators, allowing better control of your process.

A few examples of instruments which can be added to the standard F2 configuration are:

  • pressure,
  • optical density,
  • viable cells,
  • dissolved CO2,
  • exhaust gas composition,
  • redox,
  • weight for reactor and additions,
  • and many others.

Most of these instruments have a corresponding MARTA software module. These software modules allow you to select the parameters and give additional calculated information (e.g. oxygen transfer rate or oxygen uptake rate) in real-time.

Integrated CIP and SIP

The F2 can integrate a CIP (clean-in-place) or SIP (sterilise-in-place) system in the same frame. Using the dosing pumps for acid and base and the pH probe, the CIP/SIP can be made without external intervention. The system is controlled by the MARTA software - the software CIP module and SIP module can program recipes, making the cleaning and production standardisable.

GMP designed, built and qualified

The F2 can be built and qualified under GMP (good manufacturing practice) guidelines, allowing process validation in a regulated environment.

The GMP approach is structured to your regulatory needs. The upgrade from a standard unit to a GMP one will affect many issues in the design and construction: Technologies, Calibrations, Documentation, Qualification, and Software.

However, we have structured these GMP features in pre-configured service and technology packages for the F2. These can be easily implemented and adapted to your specific demands, being cost- and time-efficient.

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