A premium quality bioreactor with a SIP system, perfect for starting an industrial production.

There are three basic models to choose from, with 50, 100, and 200 L maximum working volume.

The F3 models are the gateway bioreactors when going from pilot to industrial and are capable of industrial-scale production.

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The agitation system offers a wide range of RPMs, depending on your culture needs and conditions. The system is placed at the bottom of the bioreactor vessel, allowing easier maintenance and a lighter lid at the top. Impellers come in all standard types (marine, Rushton, pitch blade) or can be designed specially. The mechanical seal can be single, double, or magnetic coupling.


Many add-ons make gas control an easier and thorough job. The parameters of Advanced Gas Module for Cell Culture (air, N2, O2 and CO2, and inlets in sparger and dome) can be easily controlled, helping with optimisation and qualification of your bioprocess.

Temperature control

The temperature control system functions via a jacket which covers the bioreactor vessel. It’s combined with a primary circuit with a heater, a heat exchanger (for cooling water), and a recirculation pump. These allow accurate temperature control and big heat exchange capabilities, suitable for different types of cultures.

Integrated CIP

The F3 can integrate a CIP (clean-in-place) system in the same frame. Using the dosing pumps for acid and base and the pH probe, the CIP can be made without external intervention. The system is controlled by the MARTA software and the software CIP module can programme recipes, making the cleaning and production standardisable.

Advanced instrumentation and control

The F3 can be equipped with a complete range of instrumentation and actuators, allowing better control of your bioprocess.

A few examples of instruments which can be added beyond the standard configuration are:

  • pressure,
  • optical density,
  • viable cells,
  • dissolved CO2,
  • exhaust gas composition,
  • redox,
  • weight for reactor and additions,
  • and many others.

Most of these instruments have a corresponding MARTA software module. These software modules allow you to select the parameters and give additional calculated information (e.g. oxygen transfer rate or oxygen uptake rate) in real-time.

MARTA software

MARTA is the automation software which controls the F3 units. The basic model has off-the-shelf solutions for Cell Culture and Fermentation and can be expanded with additional modules for new instrumentation, like local CIP system or advanced gassing and dosing control.

GMP designed, built and qualified

The F3 can be built and qualified under GMP guidelines, allowing process validation in a regulated environment.

The GMP approach is structured to your regulatory needs. The upgrade from a standard unit to a GMP one will affect many issues in the design and construction: Technologies, Calibrations, Documentation, Qualification, and Software.

However, we have structured these GMP features in pre-configured service and technology packages for the F3. These can be easily implemented and tailored to your specific demands, being cost- and time-efficient.

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