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Cryopreservation basics and tips for using it. Since the dawn of time, we humans have been searching for a way to prolong our lifespan. With the advancements in medicine, we manage to live up to about a hundred years. But there is also a way to extend that time by preserving our bodies in freezing temperatures. Unfortunately, that type of cryopreservation is not what this post is about. Maybe some other time. The cryopreservation we are talking about is the preservation of different samples, may they be cells or whole tissue, plants or animals. The gist is freezing and storing samples

A quick introduction to Bioprocessing. So you want to know what is all the fuss about Bioprocessing: 1. Some substances and products are quite hard or impossible to produce chemically. 2. Many people don’t like that their food, drugs and other things are made chemically, Well luckily, there is a way to kill two birds with one stone. The answer lies in the field of bioprocessing. A bioprocess is a specific process, in which you use whole cells or their organelles to produce some desired product. Since many substances we use for medicine or food were originally found produced by other organisms in