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Transfer frozen cryovials safely and quick, without getting frostbites or losing biologic material.

Choose a cryovial

Choose the cryovial that you want to transfer.

Pick the cryovial

Push the tip of the tool into the lid of the cryovial.

Transfer the cryovial

Pick up the vial and transfer it to the desired place in the box.

Release the cryovial

To release the cryovial from the tool, simply press the button on the top.

The CryoHolder

CryoHolder is the unique tool on the market, that enables you a quick and safe transfer of the frozen cryovials. The tool is made out of aluminium so it withstands big temperature changes. From - 90°C in liquid nitrogen up to 121 °C in the autoclave. The tool is available for a broad range of cryovial manufacturers.

Time efficient and safe to use

Because of the design of the tool, it is handy and easy to use. It enables faster workflow with frozen vials, without getting frostbites or damaging biologic material.

Cannot be destroyed in the laboratory

The tool is made out of aluminium and this enables to get in touch with liquid nitrogen as well as sterilising it in the autoclave at 121 °C. It is also resistant to mechanical damages that may occur during the work process.

Made for different types of cryovials

The tool is made for all of the different cryovial types from different manufacturers. The only thing that is necessary is that cryovial needs to have a hole in the lid.

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Project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and by the Republic of Slovenia.