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Our unique tool and the recipient of the Golden National Award for Innovation 2020, the CryoHolder, is now available for fast purchase via its own website - and for a 40% discount.

If you are someone who works with biological samples, frozen at -80°C or less and stored in cryogenic tubes/cryovials, you are probably struggling with moving these samples around or fetching them from the freezer. What usually makes your work difficult are thick gloves, improvised tools or the freezing cold itself. Thick gloves keep your hands safe but can be a real pain when it comes to picking up an individual tube from the frozen rack. Using improvised tools to improve your thick-glove-dexterity can help, but since there is ice all over the tubes, tools such as tweezers or forceps can’t safely grip the tube’s cap and can cause the tube to fall off the tool - not a great scenario, especially if the biological material inside is of great value. Ok, so now you’ve kind of fixed the thick-glove-dexterity problem, but gripping the tweezers with the thick glove is a bit challenging as well - this requires you to move the tubes slowly and surely, taking quite a bit of time. So you take the thick glove off and get frostbite on your fingers. Not a great scenario either.

And this is exactly why we developed the CryoHolder. It’s a tool for faster, easier and, above all, safer transfer of frozen cryovials from point A to point B. When we were developing it, we kept all of the problems that occur during transferring vials and tubes in mind. The tool fits tightly into the vial cap and can be handled very intuitively, thus making every vial transfer 100% safe and accurate. No dexterity problem. No frostbite problem. No speed problem.

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You can read about the CryoHolder in depth in our blog post, on the CryoHolder subpage or visit the CryoHolder’s new website.

The new website is designed in a way that makes an online purchase of CryoHolder a breeze. It works in a way that’s easier and skips the usual B2B concept of requesting and getting a quote first and then proceeding with payment via invoice etc. The website functions like a normal e-commerce website, allowing you to buy the CryoHolder in a matter of minutes.

For a limited time only, until February 24th, we offer an exclusive website launch discount of 40% off on your CryoHolder order. Check it out on the new website!

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