Presenting our new brand - The Lab Label

During this turbulent year, we really rolled up our sleeves. Besides trying to provide unhindered services to all our clients and implementing a new line of prevention apparel, we threw a lot of energy into something new, something fresh. So finally, we proudly present our new brand - The Lab Label.

The Lab Label is a brand of sustainably-made and designer laboratory coats. We picked innovative, recycled materials, added some nifty features and designed amazing motifs that are printed on the lab coat. Our goal is to brighten up every lab and help individuals stand out from the ordinary, same, white laboratories.


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The Lab Label coats come in a variety of designs with motifs taken from different fields of Science. Apart from the designs in or collections, we also offer the option of customizing your very own lab coat.

We have prepared a 20 % discount as part of our Big Launch celebration until 30. 11..

Come check out all of our unique lab coats on our website, and let us know what you think!


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