We offer cost-effective solutions that connect fluid management systems. A broad range of single-use products to support your bioprocesses. In our catalogue, you will find all of the products that you will need in the laboratory.

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RQ and sterile connectors

We are offering a cost-effective solution for flexible tubing connections in single-use systems.

The RQ connectors are best in fit, form, and function, and feature a user-friendly interface that includes a large guarded button for a secure lock to protect against disconnects, and lofted lead-in for improved ease of connection.

Sterile connectors provide quick and easy sterile connections for small-flow applications, even in non-sterile environments. Those disposable aseptic connectors provide a secure, simple, and economical connection for high fluid throughput in upstream and downstream applications.

RQ connector
Check valvesLuer activated valves

Check valves and luer activated valves

Those products are available in barbed, anti-siphon, or one-way check valve configurations. Barbed check valves reduce the risk of contamination and feature more precise, lower crack pressures, and higher flow rates. All the valves feature a low priming volume, ease of removing air bubbles during priming, and operate in any spatial orientation. The bi-directional double check valve is designed to transfer clean fluid from a supply vessel to a use site.

Luer activated valves belong to the group of needleless valves. By design, they help establish a fluid conduit when accessed with a male luer connector.

FC series

FC series stopcocks are designed to easily control the flow of a liquid or gas through the use of an on/off diverter and are available in three basic configurations – 1-way, 3-way, and 4-way. These chemically resistant stopcocks bring efficiency, convenience, and practicality to your tubing applications.

FC series
Tube to tube  


We offer barbed tube fittings and tubing connectors in different sizes. Available barbed fitting styles include straight tube connectors, elbow fittings, tee fittings, crosses, Y (wye) connectors, multi-port connectors, and multiple straight, elbow, and tee reducer combinations. Sizes from 1/16˝ (1.6 mm) to 1˝ (25.4 mm).

Luer fittings

Luer tapers are made according to the ISO 594-1 and ISO 594-2 standards and may be connected to other luers meeting these ISO standards. Luer fittings come in over 100 configurations and several materials for the device designer, joining tubing from 1/16” (1.6 mm) ID to 1/4” (6.4 mm) ID.

Luer fittings
Threaded fittings

Threaded fittings

Just like a regular fitting, those serve to connect different hoses to the fixed place/machinery. We offer more than 100 configurations of threaded plastic tube fittings and connectors to join tubing to commonly used threaded ports, including tapered and straight threads.

Clamps, valves, and gaskets

Quick-release clamps are specifically designed to meet the needs of busy pharmaceutical and bioprocessing laboratories. The clamp is lightweight, easy for technicians to install, and provides for quick and convenient assembly release.

The BioValve is a precision restriction flow controller and a shut-off valve for silicone tubing.

Pinch clamps are specially made as a shut-off valve to stop the flow of the liquid inside of the tube. They came in different sizes and the outer diameter of the tubing is the factor which pinch clamp you should use.

Gaskets came in two material options including PTFE/EPDM and platinum-cured silicone and in different sizes.

PharmalokSanitary fitting

PharmaLok clamps and sanitary fittings

PharmaLok clamps provide a significant advancement for the industry, as a number of existing solutions either require tools for closure or consist of multiple components, which turns what should be a simple operation into a difficult and awkward process.

The SF series sanitary fittings are based on design concepts calling for a heavy-duty part with superior side load strength, while providing superior flow-through characteristics, making them the connectors of choice for single-use bioprocesses.


We are offering a variety of high-quality tubing for your bioprocess application. All of the products are compatible with our fittings and connectors in the catalogue. The primary choice when running a bioprocess is platinum cured silicone tubing, but besides that, you can also find TPE, C-Flex, PVC, and others.


Syringes and filters

When running a bioprocess the syringes are the crucial part of taking samples or inoculating. We are offering the one with the catheter tip, male and female luer syringes, from 1 to 60 mL. In the catalogue, you can also find those that can be sterilised in an autoclave.

Disposable single-use filters are a crucial part of every bioprocess. They came in various micron sizes and materials. We are offering fluid and gas filters that came either with graduated hose barb, luer lock, or luer slip connection to which the tubing can be attached.

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