We are specialised in the production of custom assemblies for bioprocesses. All our assemblies consist of connectors, such as sterile connectors, tube-to-tube connectors, check valves, luers, and others, all of which can be found in our catalogue.

We understand that time is important to our clients. For this reason, we fully adapt to your requirements. Plug-and-play solutions are now also available for fluid management. With our assemblies, you can easily connect multiple containers, vessels, and process lines in one controllable system.

Assemblies can be used for:

  • buffer and media transfer (feeds, the addition of base/acid, antifoam, growth medium, and other liquids),
  • collecting samples with zero risk of contamination,
  • media filtration,
  • inoculation,
  • removal of liquids from bioprocess,
  • carboy assemblies, and
  • peristaltic pump tube assemblies.

Our work begins with addressing your assembly application, followed by the next three steps:

Concept - Design (CAD) - Prototype - Your product.

In the catalogue are some examples of current solutions that we offer for the aforementioned processes. Since we are manufacturing the assemblies case-by-case, we are more than happy to adapt them for your process.

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