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Spare parts and single-use

In this section, you will be able to find spare parts for Sartorius and BBI-Biotech bioreactors and accessories (silicon hoses, clamps, connectors) which you will need to successfully run the bioprocess.

Accessories for bioprocess

We offer cost-effective solutions that connect fluid management systems. A broad range of single-use products to support the bioprocesses. In our catalogue, you will find all of the products that you will need in the laboratory. Such as:
- MQC, PQC and CPC connectors,
- AseptiQuik connectors for sterile connection in a non-sterile environment,
- tube-tube connectors (Y, X, T and straight),
- luer fittings,
- check valves,
- clamps and gaskets
- bag ports,
- sanitary fittings,
- tubing,
- syringes and
- bioreactor spare parts.
All of our products came from well-known companies, such as Qosina, Nordson Medical and BBI Biotech.

Spare parts for bioreactors

We offer a large portfolio of accessories, focused on bioreactor spare parts.
In the catalogue, you will be able to find spare parts for bioreactors from company BBI-Biotech, which also fits the products from company Sartorius.
You are in the right place if you are looking for products meant for:
- aeration and addition,
- sampling,
- harvesting
- stirring and mixing.
We are offering also:
- exhaust system (coolers and ports)
- couplings and fastening elements (coupling nuts, adapters, blind plugs, STT connectors)
- probes and sensors,
- culture vessels (vessels, O-rings and other accessories).
All of our products came from a well-known company BBI-Biotech.

Custom Assemblies

We are specialised in the production of custom assemblies for bioprocesses. All our assemblies consist of connectors, such as sterile connectors, tube-to-tube connectors, check valves, luers, etc.
We understand that time is important to our clients. For this reason, we fully adapt to your requirements. Plug-and-play solutions are now also available for fluid management. With our assemblies, you can now easily connect multiple containers, vessels and process lines in one controllable system.
Assemblies can be used for:
- buffer and media transfer (feeds, addition of base/ acid, antifoam, growth medium and other liquids),
- collecting samples with zero risk of contamination,
- media filtration,
- inoculation,
- removal of liquids from bioprocess,
- carboy assemblies and
- peristaltic Pump Tube assemblies.

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